Extreme Mayhem is a new website that provides a completely free paintball booking directory to anyone looking for a location to play paintball across the UK. Extreme Mayhem is part of the Extreme Group that founded the Extreme Sports Channel in 1999.
Paintball sites in the UK
Published on January 16, 2008 By Paintballing In Entertainment
Extreme Mayhem, the new chilled community website for UK paintballers, was created by the Extreme Group (that founded the Extreme Sports Channel). The business is dedicated to marketing and growing the paintballindustry in Europe, and the website features: · A completely free paintball booking directory to a huge nation-wide network of the best recreational paintball venues · A unique directory of paintball training venues dedicated to paintballers looking to venture into tournament paintball · 'What’s on’, featuring paintball events and tournaments · A great extras page, with games, funny video clips and a complete catalogue of paintball films produced by one4one TV · A new forums page, a unique directory to the most popular paintball forums Check them out on www.extrememayhem.co.uk
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